Drag and drop planning lets you plan a job from start to finish in under a minute, change the plan in seconds and share tasks


Simplified recording of daily attendance to produce pay slips, and simplied recording of chargeable and non-chargeable tasks


Easily assign, manage and view loan cars related to a job.


Directly communicate with collegues or customers & responses are piped directly back into the chat window.


The modern collision repair facility is faced with the need to complete more jobs per week, in less time, at high quality and whilst maintaining repair value targets. Inside the workplace has never been more important. Keeping the car busy, keeping the productive staff on their job, keeping their roles up to them, managing sublets and identifying OEM repair methods, along with multiple other daily tasks that need to be performed. Planning Plus is the new standard in Bodyshop Management Software.

Drag and drop planning

Plan a job from start to finish in under a minute, change the plan in seconds and share tasks.

Time & attendance

Simplified recording of daily attendance to produce pay slips, and simplied recording of chargeable and non-chargeable tasks.

Automatic notifications

Automated emails and SMS's to customers and assessors at different stages of production.

Stunning and intuitive design

Intelligently designed forms and menus let you easily navigate your way around.

Easily measure staff performance

Benchmark employee performance against your own specified targets.

Detailed reporting and benchmarks

See how profitable your business is, the volume of work coming in and out, and workshop performance and efficiency.

Multi-lingual capable

Allows customers to set their preferred language in the program. All text can be customised to meet any translation requirements.

Synchronise with popular quoting software

Seamlessly integrate with bodyshop estimating software. Planning plus works by grabbing the estimated costs, and importing them into the job sheet; This is all done automatically.

Complete employee management

Easily manage your employees through our simple to use employee management section.


Trent Walkden

South Tweed Autos Smash Repairs, AU

If you are serious about running a productive shop, with efficient turn around times and have a high emphasis on customer service, you need Planning Plus. Planning Plus exceeded our expectations, not only did it give us what we were after in a PM system, but it also identified many other areas of our business that we needed to focus on. Two years on we now produce an average of 50-55 cars a week and have just closed the financial year off with a 38% financial growth, keeping us wanting more! Whether you are looking for a system to improve your current work flow or whether you are wanting to take your business to the next level, I would highly recommend Planning Plus.

Fraser Sim

BMT Group Services, CAN

We are extremely pleased with Planning Plus. We set out to find a program that was simple to use for both the managers and more importantly the technicians, along with achieving our objectives of increasing work shop efficiency and therefore revenue. This has definitely been achieved and we are now looking to building a new shop to help accommodate the demand. I recommend Planning Plus to any shop that wants to increase their efficiency without enduring complicated, cumbersome and overly expensive planning programs.

Brent Mackay

A1 Auto Finish, NZ

When we first started using Planning Plus it had a huge impact on how we were running the business and I would have to say that it was a turning point for us at A1. In 2010 we took over our second shop and there was no way we were going to operate without Planning Plus, so Gavin and his team had it installed in just a few days for us. I really don't know how anyone can run a shop without a planning system and it is certainly my recommendation to go with Planning Plus. Gavin and his team have been the consummate professionals with absolutely everything they do. Thanks for making my life just that little bit easier in a very tough industry!

eForms Module

 Quality Assurance

 Customer Feedback

 Department Handoffs

Discover how eForms can revolutionise your business and turn paper forms, digital. Build and distribute digital forms through all levels of the business allowing for seamless quality assurance and department hand offs. Cloud ready, easily access your eForms from anywhere and on any device; even share forms with customers to effortlessly handle vehicle hand over, customer feedback, loan car contracts or more. With the power of eForms, all relevant information is automatically stored against the relevant job.


Planning Plus has been designed to seamlessly integrate with Bodyshop Estimating Software. Planning plus works by grabbing the estimated costs, and importing them into Planning Plus; This is all done automatically. Planning Plus software is 100% compatible with just some of the following estimating software:

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